Scraping the web with Puppeteer

Puppeteer is a headless chrome browser that has a lot of flexibility. You can tell it to browse to a url, wait until the page is loaded, click the login button, type a username and password, browse to another page, grab a bunch of data and display it as JSON.

To learn Puppeteer there is one website that is your new best friend:

Remember to backup anything you write often as if you close the window you will lose your work without any way to get it back.

If you want to learn how to use Puppeteer by building a project to turn Craigslist into an API Jarrod Overson has a great tutorial over on youtube:

It is good stuff but don’t just watch, pause and follow along with code

Puppeteer is powerful and is everything you need to get data into JSON format which can then be saved in a NoSQL database like MongoDB or Firestore for use in your app.Here are some more learning resources:

Here are some more learning resources:

Scrape something and let me know what you plan on building below in the comments!

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