How To Easily Scrape Web Data Using Simple Scraper Chrome Extension

simple scraper chrome extension
How to Use Simple Scraper, Web Data Mining Made Simple (Tutorial)
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Data is important for any project that you’ll be working on and a common project for beginners that I see is to build a list of no code websites because they spend so much time visiting them and learning them it will be useful to put all of those websites into a single page one example of this is no code list it’s just a list of no code projects it’s got categories over here it’s just got just a straight list of all the different projects so I’m going to show you how to take this list and turn it into a spreadsheet so you can practice doing the same thing with your own project and to do this we’re going to use an extension called simple scraper you can it’s just a chrome extension install it I’ve already installed it so I don’t need to go through that but you just click install to chrome and I’ll show you how to do it click on the simple scraper extension.

Click scrape this website and now you want to add properties so the first property is going to be the name of the website so we find that by hovering over the name and you don’t want to click on it because if you click that it’ll take you off the page so you push shift and that will highlight the name of the website and then when you’re finished you go tick then the next one we’re going to do is the URL so we’ll make this a let’s call it URL hover over it hit shift because if you actually click it then it’ll go through and the last thing we’ll get is this image and you want to classy up the web page that you’re building so we’ll use an image and there we go we’ve got 291 because as you can see there’s a lot of them here and there we go view results.

All right so we’ve extracted 291 we’ve got the image so if we can have a look at the image yep it looks like an image then we’ve got the name the name link which is going to be useful because you can make a very quick way to send people to that site you’ve got the URL which would be useful for displaying and that’s once this is just another link because two of them were links now we go down to download csv and once you click on it you’ll see you have a table full of data which can be used to build your next project I don’t know what this first one is I’m just going to delete that which is something you’ll find with data you have to clean it up quite often but from here you could import it into.

Google sheets you can import it into air table and from there you can use a program like or application like bubble dot io or one of the as you can see many on this list to build your own project um yeah that’s all I have for today.

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