Amazon Product Scraping

Amazon Product Scraping

One of the most popular sites on the web for scraping is Amazon.

Some of my favorites are the chrome extension Honey:

and another chrome extension Keepa, an Amazon price tracker:

Both of these extensions are special because they simultaneously extract web data by scraping the current page, then at the same time display the aggregated results of many people contributing to the app.

In Honey’s case the value add is analytics and money saved scraping coupons with the added benefit of applying them for you. Keepa is more of a hardcore price analytics tool allowing the user to tell if now is the time to buy because the price is low or not to buy because the price is unusually high.

This is the power of web scraping combined with the ability to use that data to generate insights.

Amazon is very aware that their products and vendor data is constantly being web scraped from every country and anyone who wants to make apps for Amazon FBA entrepreneurs. When it is being scraped using browser extensions it would be very difficult to stop when no blatant violations are being abused like copyright infringement for example.

If you need Amazon product data I would suggest finding a company that is providing an API or if they are too expensive because you need a lot of data points, consider Puppeteer or dive into building your own extension.

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