2 Easy Web Extract Techniques

Easy web extract

There are many ways to extract data from the web, some require learning languages like Python, some require expensive tools, but there are a couple of ways that can get you up and running quickly using minimal effort.

The first easy web extract technique is using node-fetch to download all the html you need then parsing it through Cheerio which then allows you to find specific data you need using jQuery’s powerful $ function. You can find a tutorial on how to scrape using Simple Web Scraping with Cheerio and node-fetch.

However this method has some limitations such as “What if I want to scrape data from a website that requires me to login?”

That is when we can use a more powerful tool called Puppeteer which is actually a headless chrome browser that allows you to literally surf the web every time you want to extract data from the web without ever having to open a the chrome browser yourself. To get started with this method we also made a guide on how to do it Scraping the web with Puppeteer

There are many more methods that you can use but there are two easy web extract techniques that are robust and can get you the data you need for your next project.

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